Besides being video marketing experts we are also a creative agency delivering engaging campaigns with high brand awareness

Gonzo Media creates creative campaigns from concept development to execution and implementation across the globe. Contact us for more information or if you just want to share a cup of coffee.

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Creative Video Campaigns

The fight for the consumer’ attention is more fierce than ever. 60 % of the Internet users have installed an ad-blocker which means they don’t see your messages or brand if you don’t re-invent your marketing strategy. We are a world-class agency within pre-rolls & ad placement and is ready to help you succeed in this new sphere.
With Gonzo Media’ Premium Network on YouTube you can make sure that your commercial will be placed within the target audience in a brand safe environment.

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Branded Entertainment

Creators today are superstars who influence culture at scale. When the creators speak their fans listen and take the desired action. Branded Entertainment is content with the same entertainment value as normal YouTube videos or media content and is created together with a brand. To ensure that the brand achieves an authentic expression in the campaign, it is key that the assigned influencer has the flexibility and freedom to tailor the message and communication to their own social media and channel universe – this creates a more honest communication and performs significantly better.
Creating tradition and telling stories are always at the heart of a campaign when implementing new habits for the consumer. Video at the left is a video we made for Oister together with one of the biggest creators in Denmark.

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