Your gateway to millennials (or gen x or c or whatever you call people that are younger than us)

About us

We’re a youth media company and creative agency. Our platforms, which boast more than 800k unique Danish users each month, include best-in-class Youtube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram and Snapchat profiles, a Minecraft server, the online content community Izipizi and premium social gaming and Youtube festival ‘GGfestival’ which we host three times a year. We work with cross-platform influencer marketing in Denmark and internationally. Martin Wiinholt and Michael Ritto founded Gonzo Media Aps in March 2015. You can find our office in central Copenhagen – Østergade 17-19.


At Gonzo we connect your brand with the right social media influencers in social gaming via creative brand connections and solutions.


Your gateway to social gaming

Gonzo is concerned with all things gaming. From its origin only a couple of decades ago, gaming has grown into one of the biggest entertainment sectors in the world, connecting millions of gamers on a daily basis.


At Gonzo we connect brands with the coolest and most influential of gamers. Whether as Let’s Play videos on YouTube or live streaming on Twitch, our influencers tap directly into the ever expanding universe of gamers.


At Gonzo we work with toymakers as well as game development studios looking to increase the awareness of their portfolios.


GGfestival is a premium social gaming and Youtube festival which we host three times a year in different locations across the country.



Central to GGfestival is a local area network (LAN), connecting more than 1000 social gamers, including their parents. They play with and against each other all weekend, participating in competitions and other gaming related activities.


GGfestival is a premium opportunity for sponsors to actively engage with social gamers. Learn more:

Case – Ubisoft

With hundreds of video games being released every day, it has never been more important for game developers to stay top of mind of gamers looking to spend their hard-earned money.


We’ve worked with Ubisoft on promoting their latest games, from Rainbow Six to TrackMania.


One multi-format campaign had our influencers collectively play the game before release, creating buzz and excitement around the product, followed by a live-demonstration and competition on #GGfestival.

Case – Nerf (Hasbro)

Hasbro wanted to raise awareness of their Nerf brand.


Gonzo came up with a multi-format campaign, including YouTube videos and live-activity at GGfestival.


We had our influencers unbox the latest Nerf blasters shortly before release. Then we built a large scale Nerf arena at GGfestival where the participants could try out and engage with the blasters together with their favourite YouTube stars.


By the end of the campaign Gonzo had raised sales of Nerf blasters in Denmark by 300%.

Chief Executive Officer

Gonzo Media was founded by Martin Wiinholt in 2014 coming from a career in PR and communication.


Martin also spent many years as head honcho of digital games magazine Eurogamer Denmark.


Get in touch with Martin: | +45 2171 0904

IZIPIZI is Gonzo’s gaming media for grown-ups and young adults.

Gaming is cool!

IZIPIZI delivers quality content from the world of gaming, tech and popculture to a mature, Danish audience.

Gaming has become part of our daily lives for both young and old, but somehow gaming is still considered nieche and often too nerdy for mainstream media.

At IZIPIZI we want to change that. To us gaming and nerdy stuff is cool, and we want to deliver high quality content that pushes gaming off the ‘guilty pleasures’ list and onto the center stage of everyday entertainment.

Gaming for grown-ups

Today the average gamer is in their 30s, and at IZIPIZI we want to cater to a grown up audience.

This means that our content intertwines with the real world in new and exciting ways, that ordinary gaming stories do no.

Our content is not only about gaming but merges with culture, news, movies and broader popculture – but always firmly anchored in tech and gaming.

IZIPIZI is connected to the world – because people are.

A mix of branded content and journalism

Nobody wants to look at ads, but people don’t want to pay for journalism either.

It’s a challenge that has brought some of the biggest media companies in the world to their knees, but at IZIPIZI we want to do things differently.

That’s why we want to create branded content that creates value to our followers, that go hand in hand with our quality content – and we are always looking for partners.

Editor in chief

Alexander Lembourn is the man behind IZIPIZI.

With a background in classic journalism, Alexander has a long experience with radio broadcasting, media management and social media.

Get in touch with Alexander: | +45 6068 6830

We have created a stylish and brandsafe universe for lifestyle brands who wish authentic and passionate engagement with consumers.

Your gateway to beauty / fashion / lifestyle

Our vision for Blush is simple: We have chosen the best social influencers, mostly from YouTube, but also from blogging, Instagram and Snapchat.


The target demographics range from teenagers to young women.


This selective approach provide our clients with a brand safe environment which is perfect to showcase their products and create engaging branded entertainment and social media campaigns.

Brand Director

Mads Vanggaard has a long history in PR and communication and has over 10 years of experience with influencer marketing within the fashion- and lifestyle industry.


Get in touch with Mads: | +45 28643310

At Gonzo Media, together with our Social Media stars, we create powerful and creative campaigns on all social media platforms.

We are experts at making young people engage with your brand

A successful campaign on social media and Youtube require thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the sociological trends that shape daily content as well as the ever changing technological possibilities and limitations of the various platforms.

Sara Rosa Oppermann

Director of Strategy

Sara Rosa Oppermann has worked with PR, creative advertising and strategic communication for more than 10 years. Sara has a background working both with B2C & B2B communication for both national and international companies. Sara is specialized in content marketing and creative campaigns.


At Gonzo Media Sara has the overall strategic overview from developing digital campaign concepts to analyze and research valuable insights within our target group so our campaigns will always be as effective and engaging as possible.


Client references: P&G, Inditex, Mondeléz, Reckitt Benckiser, DSB, Moët Chandon/LMVH, Arla, Carlsberg, DK Company, IC Companys, Stella Mcartney, Tom Ford and LG Electronics.


Get in touch with Sara: | +45 31333964

Pre-Rolls with Gonzo

Pre-Rolls is your preferred marketing tool to amplify your campaign performance

Today approximately 60% of internet users have installed an ad-blocker, which means they are not exposed to your ads. Gonzo Media have developed a unique method, helping you to your customers through video pre-rolls.

Video has for the past four years been the fastest growing ad format. Watching a video, viewers retain 95% of your message compared to only 10% when read as text.

Using our method, we have planned and executed large-scale pre-roll campaigns in Denmark as well internationally with much higher results than your average agency or market. One of our hidden gems is our ability to perform remarketing campaigns based upon the audience behavior on YouTube and other SoMe channels.

Pre-Rolls with Gonzo Media

Some of our Pre-roll KPI’s

Gonzo Media is a full-service company helping you through the entire process, from audience analysis over video production to editing, media planning and execution.

Our unique method for executing pre-rolls campaign has delivered some impressive results to our clients. The main reason for this is our way of looking at consumers. We follow them from a cross-channel perspective and design optimized YouTube ads that have the ability to perform remarketing based upon audience behavior.

Typical campaign stats using Gonzo Media pre-roll.

+85% VTR
+1% CTR
CPV 15-20% below the market average

If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with us.

Data is
vital for us

Data-driven approach to your success

We love measurable results and when you plan a campaign with us we take a driven-approach to your success. Through our tested Gonzo Method we take a starting point in your product / service, market, customer demo- graphic and goal for the campaign. No matter if the main goal is awareness or engagement we take advantage of data and targeting to present your campaign to the ideal user with the right message at the right time. At Gonzo Media we love data and are very proud to share our most value creating numbers with you:


   Monthly unique users of up to 870,000 young Danes

   Average view rates of 40-60%

   Average engagement time per video of 3.5 – 5 minutes

   CTR (click through rates) of up to 15%

No matter which cross-platform campaign you are planning we take data-driven, cross-platform influencer marketing to the next level.

Insight & Development Director

Rasmus Engel is the data-loving geek at Gonzo Media.


Coming from a long carrier within consulting, e-commerce, production and sales, Rasmus knows how important it is to use a data-driven approach for marketing. Rasmus is specialized in digital marketing and user engaging campaigns. When working with Gonzo Media, Rasmus will be your support for goals, KPI planning, tracking, testing and performance optimization.


Further, Rasmus has a burning desire to improve digital platforms and user journeys combined through his passion “how to use neuroscience to create great customer experiences”. This passion can be used to improve your user experience and conversions.


Get in touch with Rasmus: | +45 5361 3616


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